Turkfest 2015, Trailblazers: Makers of Modern Turkey

Turkfest Saturday Program

Time Mins Title Performer
12:30 PM 10 Welcome to TurkFest MCs
12:40 PM 15 Folk Dance Karavan’s Dance Troup
12:55 PM 5 Introduction – Category: Business MCs
1:00 PM 10 Introduction – Category: Business MCs
1:10 PM 30 Folk Dance – Turkmenistan, Horon, Roman & Misket Anar Dana & Helene Eriksen
1:40 PM 10 Introduction – Category: Literature Part1, Nazim Hikmet Ran & Halide Edip Adivar MCs
1:50 PM 15 Folk Dance Karavan’s Dance Troup
2:05 PM 15 Introduction – Ataturk MCs
2:20 PM 20 Folk Dance – Silifke Vancouver Turkish Folk Dance and Art Club
2:40 PM 10 Introduction – Sabiha Gokcen & Vecihi Hurkus MCs
3:00 PM 30 Vocal Performance of Classical & Turkish Traditional Music Gul Fahriye Evren
3:30 PM 5 Set-up for music Batu & Gunes
3:35 PM 20 Turkish Contemporary Music Batu & Gunes
3:55 PM 10 Introduction – Music Part1, Tarkan, Sertab Erener, Baris Manco MCs
4:05 PM 15 Belly Dancing Janelle
4:20 PM 5 Introduction – Erdal Kizilcay, Arif Mardin + World Models of Turkey + Kenan Sofuoglu MCs
4:25 PM 15 Sufi Dance Alfredo
4:40 PM 10 Introduction – Science & Technology MCs
5:00 PM 30 Turkish Pop Music – Gala Gala Performers
5:30 PM 5 Introduction: Sport MCs
5:35 PM 20 Halay Workshop Serdar Soysal
5:55 PM 5 Closing & Thank you MCs

Turkfest Sunday Program

Time Mins Title Performer
12:30 PM 10 Welcome to TurkFest MCs
12:40 PM 5 Folk Dance – Silifke Anadolu Youth Dancers
12:45 PM 5 Kerimoglu Zeybegi Anadolu Turkish Folk Dancers
12:50 PM 10 Introduction – Mevlana / Mimar Sinan MCs
1:05 PM 20 Turkish Folk Music Bob Beer & Izumi Fairbanks
1:25 PM 10 Introduction – Literature Part2, – Yasar Kemal, Orhan Pamuk (Nobel prize) MCs
1:35 PM 5 Asuk ile Masuk Anadolu Youth Dancers
1:40 PM 5 Introduction – Summary of Saturday MCs
2:00 PM 60 Contemporary Turkish Music Grup Truva
3:00 PM 5 Introduction – Music Part2, Ahmet Ertegun, Idil Biret, Fazil Say + Afife Jale MCs
3:05 PM 30 Famous People & Places ATA-WA School Students
3:35 PM 30 Around-n-over Erden Eruc
4:05 PM 5 Introduction: Anadolu Atesi MCs
4:10 PM 5 Folk Dance – Kafkas Anadolu Youth Dancers
4:15 PM 5 Closing & Thank you MCs

TurkFest 2015
Gala Night tickets are on sale!!

Turkfest’15 is around the corner! At its 15th year anniversary, Turkfest is getting ready to take place at Seattle Center on October 17th & 18th and will be full of events, stage performances as well as authentic Turkish goods and cuisine.

We are looking forward to start this beautiful weekend singing Turkish pop music and dancing all together! See below for more information on Turkfest Gala night.

Tickets are available at TurkFest 2015 Brown Paper Tickets.
(Appetizers are included & drinks will be available for purchase)

Performers: (from Turkey)
Ahmet Serkan Sarıgiloğlu, Hande Gençörnek, Mehmet Emre Olgun and Çağrı Hasan Kodamanoğlu

Mercer Island Community and Event Center
8236 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040

Date: Fri, Oct 16th 2015
Doors open: 7:30PM ; Starts at 8:00PM

Our theme this year is Trailblazers: The Makers of Modern Turkey.

Turkey is a new country in an old land. The modern Turkish state began with the creation of the Republic of Turkey in the years following World War I drawing on a nationwide consciousness that had developed in the late nineteenth century and evolved through the remarkable contributions of its people in the areas of architecture, music, science, politics and more!!!

Please join us on this captivating journey celebrating these extraordinary Trailblazers that are the Makers of our Modern Turkey!!